New collection WoodLike

Furniture with respect to nature

Sleeplike 1

It is an unforgettable design and comfort of the highest quality, thanks to which you will start daydreaming. Beautiful metal finishing, smoothly passing from the footstep to facilitate getting up to the bedside shelf, ending with a stylish finial of the lighting, are an unusual combination with an additional headboard and a platform made of real, oak wood. Personalize your dream bed, thanks to many material and colour options, tailored specifically to your needs. Become with us the king of your bedroom!


– width: 220cm

– length: 262cm

– height: 20cm

Dimensions of the headrest:

– width: 240cm

– height: 80cm

– thickness: 20cm

Dimensions of the mattress:

– width: 160cm

– lenght: 200cm

– height: 25 – 30cm

Optional mattress widths are: 140cm, 180cm, 200cm, 220cm

Sleeplike 2

The bed is a modern combination, a seemingly minimalist platform made of real oak wood and metal, openwork boxes, covered with acrylic glass of the highest quality. The magic is hidden in the beautiful illumination of the detail, where the game of light is played at night, which soothes its warmth and wraps itself to fall sleep. The unique colour line and material variants are waiting to give your bedroom an unforgettable character.

A new dimension of sleep is within your reach!


– width: 284cm

– length: 254cm

– height: 25cm

Dimensions of the mattress:

– width: 140cm

– length: 200cm

– height: 25 – 30cm

Optional widths of the mattress are: 160cm, 180cm, 200cm, 220cm

Coffee table CafeteaLike 1 (the simple one)

Coffee table made of real, oak wood which has been underlined by steel extension of the tabletop of the highest quality. The unique character is hidden in the side profiles, finishing the edges of the bench. Choose your favourite shade, type of wood and sit with your coffee in a unique style!


– width: 60cm; 80cm

– length: 90cm; 120cm

– height: 55cm;

Optional table dimensions are: 80x120x55cm

Coffee table CafeteaLike 2

The character of oak wood is strengthened by the interesting composition of the steel flat bar and side profiles. Furniture tailored to your needs! Personalize your favourite bench, and meetings with coffee will take on a new, unique character!


– width: 60cm

– length: 110cm

– height: 55cm

Optional table dimensions are: 80x130x55cm

Desk WorkLike

Natural, oak wood, dressed in a sophisticated form of the frame, made of the highest quality steel. The spacious drawers, cleverly woven into a spiral of steel shapes, will accommodate all the necessary materials. Your work has never been so fruitful. Sit at the only desk of this kind and awaken the spirit of creativity!

Dressing table GetreadyLike

Oak tabletop enriched with unique, openwork decorations. Discreetly built-in drawers in which you store every cosmetic. Minimalist steel legs, emphasizing the nature of the dressing table. And most importantly, a large mirror in a noble oak frame, which after leaving it forms a coherent whole with the tabletop of the dressing table. Sit in a comfortable stool that creates a coherent whole with the dressing table and get ready to go out in a unique style!

Table EatLike

A subtle form of the frame, which enriches a large, oak tabletop, designed for 8 seats! Choose your favourite colour of steel and wood, its type and enjoy the new face of your interior.

A table, it is a place where bonds are tightening, so invite your beloved ones to it, and each meal will become special!

Tabletop dimensions:           

– width: 70cm

– length: 210cm

– height: 10cm

 Overall dimensions:

– width: 70cm

– length: 210cm

– height: 71cm

Chair SeatLike

Comfortable chair, made of real oak wood, will give your room a completely new expression! The unprecedented shape of the metal frame and the precisely selected lean angle of the backrest will make that sitting in the circle of the beloved ones has never been so pleasant. Choose your favourite wood type and colour of steel and enjoy the new dimension of comfort you could only dream of!

Dimensions of the seat:

– width: 45cm

– depth: 47cm

– backrest height: 50cm